The Philadelphia Flyers hosted the hottest team in the NHL last night which just so happens to be their biggest rival. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins were into town for a visit at Wells Fargo and things were a disaster for the Flyers right off the bat. 

Pittsburgh jumped off to a 3-0 lead during the first period and never looked back wining the game 6-2. 

After the game interim head coach Mike Yeo had a message for his team as it looks like he might be losing them. 

“We can look at where we’re at right now in the season, and we can just sort of accept our fate for the rest of the way and say maybe it’s not our year, bad luck, this and that,” Yeo noted. “And you can do the same thing in a game, or you can fight. And you can determine your own fate. Regardless of what the circumstances are, there’s going to be times where maybe you don’t get the result that you’re looking for, but you’re going to go down swinging, if that’s the case. And I didn’t think we did that tonight.”

“That’s not feeling sorry for yourself, that’s not letting frustration get the best of you. That’s not letting a bad bounce or something that didn’t work out well, determine your fate,” he said. “Bad things happen, but what are you gonna do? You have to make sure that you respond to that.”

“You have to show your determination and continue to fight, and not just say, ‘It’s not our night tonight,'” Yeo said. “You can’t just say ‘it’s just not our season this year.'”

“Bottom line is, going forward, we have an opportunity to prove that this is not us. That’s the situation we’re in for this season,” Yeo said. “That’s the situation we were in the game tonight. That’s how we are going to respond moving forward.”

Has the team already given up on Yeo, what do you think of his comments?