As the Philadelphia Flyers and general manager Ron Hextall prepare for the offseason, trade rumors continue to swirl around Wayne Simmonds. 

Trade speculation has hovered around the forward for the past couple of seasons thanks to his very affordable $3.9million cap and the great production that comes with it. 

In his recent 31 Thoughts column, Elliotte Friedman compared TJ Oshie's recent contract signing to what Wayne Simmons could earn.

"Oshie signed his eight-year extension last summer at age 30 and rewarded the Capitals with an impactful season.

He was a physical force in the final, with his Forsberg-esque reverse hits taking a toll on Colin Miller in particular.

Seeing that makes you wonder the impact it will have on Wayne Simmonds’ future . The powerful winger played hurt, still scored 24 goals and turns 30 in August. He’s also one year away from free agency.”

Simmonds is a great teammate – the only complaint I’ve ever heard about him is that he can’t put on weight, a problem I’d love to have.

In a sporting world that’s becoming more and more ageist, Oshie’s performance is good news for comparables like Simmonds."

Last summer Oshie signed a 8 year contract worth $46million that brings an annual cap hit of $5.75million. 

Source: Elliotte Friedman - 31 Thoughts
Image Credit: USA Today