The Philadelphia Flyers were absolutely destroyed by the Pittsburgh Penguins last night by the score of 7-1. 

It was a very disappointing loss and the Flyers have now struggled for two games in a row. 

Head coach Alain Vigneault says the team has been buying into his techniques and game plan, however some players just aren't executing.

The Flyers head coach adds that some players just aren't who they thought they were as he searches for the best offensive trios and defensive pairings. 

“Some guys we may have thought previously were capable of doing things, whether it be moving the puck [or something else]. … and when you see them live, they may not be exactly what you anticipated,” he said. “We have decisions to make. Chuck [Fletcher, the general manager] and I are talking constantly about our group and that’s what we’ll continue to do until we’re happy.” 

“I still don’t have quite yet the handle on our group. We still have some players I’ve seen do things the way they need to be done to win, but I’ve also seen them do it the other way, so I don’t know if they can do it consistently."

Could we see some major changes coming to the Flyers soon?

Source: Philly Inquirer