The Philadelphia Flyers have an absolutely monstrous week on their hands. 

Once comfortably holding onto a playoff spot, the Flyers are now on the outside looking in thanks to their disastrous March. 

Their big week starts tonight with a matchup against the team ahead of them, the Boston Bruins. Boston currently sits 4 points ahead of the Flyers with 2 games in hand so tonight is huge and with another four games this week it's a big opportunity to get a hold of another playoff spot. 

Head coach Alain Vigneault knows the Flyers season is basically on the line this week. 

"We're all aware of it,"  Vigneault said. "I'm aware of it, my staff's aware of it and all the players are. We're on the outside right now, we're trying to get back in and these next games are extremely important for obviously what Chuck and management are thinking about. It's up to us to play the right way and do the right things on the ice and win games."

Forward Jakub Voracek was pretty straight forward as well. 

"The season is on the line," Voracek said. "We are in a big hole, we cannot afford to lose any big games basically. That's the way it is."

Here's the Flyers upcoming week. 

Monday - @ Boston Bruins
Tuesday - Vs Boston Bruins
Thursday - @ New York Islanders
Saturday - Vs Boston Bruins
Sunday - Vs Buffalo Sabres