The Philadelphia Flyers are getting closer to starting training camp and get everybody back in Philly. 

The Flyers will actually have a chance to jump from 4th seed to 1st seed overall during the qualifying round.

It's already been confirmed they'll be without forward Oskar Lindblom who was just confirmed to be cancer free.

But what about Nolan Patrick?

Patrick has been sidelined by migraine issues all season and there's lots of speculation regarding his health with one report even stating his career could be over. 

It's a complicated situation and The Athletic's Charlie O'Connor tried to give an update as best he could. 

"I know everyone wants a straight answer on the "will Nolan Patrick play or won't he?" question, but the hard truth is that no one really knows. Patrick went back to Canada during the pandemic lockdowns, and by all reports, is doing well. But because he's back there, team trainers and doctors haven't been able to see him and work with him, like they would if he was in Philly. (To be clear, the team was fine with him returning home. These are just statements of fact.)

Patrick almost certainly will return to the Philly area for Phase 3 -- training camp. Then, trainers and doctors will be able to work with him on a daily basis and get an idea of where he is, medically. Until then, it's impossible to know exactly where he stands.

The extended pause does help him in one sense, because now there's less of a concern of him not being able to keep up with NHL pace, since every player will be dealing with that problem. But the Flyers are going to be very careful with Patrick regardless, and he's not medically cleared for contact as of yet. If you're asking for an answer, I would say the safe assumption is that he won't be back for the playoffs, but don't rule out the possibility entirely."

Source: Charlie O'Connor The Athletic