The Philadelphia Flyers are still trying to get their blueline together and they're having a tough time figuring out the best possible pairings. 

Of course Ivan Provorov is by far the best blueliner on the team but he needs some help. 

He just hasn't found a perfect fit beside him so far this year after the team lost Matt Niskanen to retirement during the offseason. 

However Charlie O'Connor believes he's found the perfect fit. 

Dallas Stars defenseman John Klingberg has quietly been mentioned in a couple of trade rumors and it's a deal O'Connor would love to see Fletcher pounce on. 

"Klingberg is righthanded, incredibly talented and a proven top-pair quality defenseman. Plus, if you do a deep dive into Provorov’s underlying metrics, he’s never had much trouble at suppressing chances. His problem at five-on-five has long been on the offensive impact side, which tells me that he could really benefit from a high-end puck mover who can also play consistent, strong defense as well. That’s what Matt Niskanen was last year; it’s even what Shayne Gostisbehere was in 2017-18. I like the idea of Provorov’s long-term partner having real offensive creativity, and Klingberg certainly does."

Would you like to see Fletcher make this trade?

Source: Charlie O'Connor The Athletic