The Philadelphia Flyers needed overtime but got the job done against the Pittsburgh Penguins in their exhibition game. 

There were some worries regarding the Flyers after the long break. 

Philly was of course the hottest team in the NHL when the season was paused and analysts believed the would lose all momentum. 

Despite the win against Pittsburgh, one Eastern Conference assistant coach told the Athletic he believes the Flyers are the team that will be hurt the most by the time off. 

“Philly was on fire. They have some serious mojo,” said an Eastern Conference assistant. “Alain (Vigneault) is a hell of a coach, in my opinion, and they are definitely an AV team.”

He's not the only one as The Athletic ran an anonymous coach's poll on the playoffs and the Flyers were tied with the Bruins at 30%. 

Check out the voting results below:

Source: The Atheltic