It's no secret, Philadelphia Flyers forward is almost guaranteed to be traded at the upcoming NHL trade deadline. 

Where he goes nobody knows for sure, however he's been heavily attached to the Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning. 

Despite the uncertain future, Simmonds is on pace to score 25 goals again and is helping the Flyers in their big playoff push. 

Simmonds is focused on the Flyers right now. 

To be honest with you it hasn’t crossed my mind, who cares…who cares.” Simmonds stated. “We’re in this together…All for one and one for all.”

Aggggh I’ve played in this league a long time. This is my 11th year. He brings up the trade deadline (Pause).

Despite the tough guy reputation, the forward admitted no matter how hard you try and ignore it, it's gets hard. 

I appreciate everything. You have to be a professional on and off the ice. Got to come to work, and continue to play good hockey. We have to stick together, it’s hard for everyone involved.”

Source: Philly Sports Network