Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere had a big drop off this year when it came to offensive production. 

Often times it seems that Gostisbehere was in Dave Hakstol's doghouse over the last two years however he still put up great numbers last year. 

This year the 25 year old saw his point total almost slashed in half as he went from 65 points to 37 games and the same with his power play production as he droped from 33 power play points to 14. 

Gostisbehere revealed this week that he had been dealing with a knee injury pretty much all season after blocking a shot on October 22nd. 

“Everyone deals with their injuries,” he said. “… You can’t use them as an excuse. I’m not an excuse guy. I mean, I didn’t have the best season, obviously. I felt I could’ve helped my teammates a lot more, and it’s a grind. It was a mental grind this year. I think a lot of us grew, not only on the ice, but mentally as well.”

“I got a little better toward the end of the year, but in the middle of the season, I didn’t have the best pop in my step and it was tough for me,” the defenseman added. “I mean, you think about it, too.”

He called it the toughest season of his career. 

“Definitely the toughest season I’ve been in personally in my four years,” the Flyers defenseman, who will turn 26 in 10 days, said earlier in the week. “It’s tough, for sure. We’ve been thinking about the season for a while now. I mean, especially when you get knocked out and you have to play four pretty much meaningless games and you’ve just got to go out there and play.”