The NHL playoffs are just about to start and the Philadelphia Flyers are on the outside looking in. 

It was pretty much a disastrous season as the team dealt with some significant injuries along with a COVID battle that ended up throwing them into a very condensed schedule that took it's toll on the team. 

Some will say no matter what, there's still no excuses and that especially rings true when it comes to the team's terrible defense. 

The Flyers gave up the most goals this year in the NHL and forward Sean Couturier says the team just wasn't tough enough to play against. 

"I think we've got to mature in our game," Couturier said. "Some nights it's seemed like we were kind of easy to play against. In this league, it's tough to win games when you're not hard and tough to play against. Obviously we took a little step back from last year, but I think everyone can learn and hopefully next year everyone comes into camp in good shape and matures. Physically, we have a lot of young guys that are just going to get better and better, I think that's what we hope for next year. I don't know what's going to happen this offseason — there might be changes, there might not. Whatever happens, we've got to be better — that's plain and simple."

What do you think of Couturier's comments?