The Philadelphia Flyers cleaned out their lockers on Sunday and on Monday it was managements turn to address the media. 

General manager Chuck Fletcher went first, followed by head coach Scott Gordon. 

Gordon has been labeled as a possible head coach candidate for Fletcher and the Flyers in 2019-20, however nothing is set in stone. 

While addressing the media, Gordon revealed what he thinks the team needs moving forward. 

Gordon said the team needs another talented point-producing center if Giroux is to remain on the wing. It's too easy for other teams and they need to worry about matching up to at least two dangerous lines.

He added that "I think we were a better team when G was playing wing with Patty. I think there were two lines that made the opposition think about scoring. Having two first lines creates headaches for matchups."

The Flyers interim head coach also mentioned that if he were to stay on board, breakouts would be a top priority along with getting better in the offensive zone. Not being here a full season he didn't have time to work in depth on building new habits in those areas, and they are needed.

What do you think of Gordon's comments?

Source: Bill Meltzer & Flyers