It's a big night in Philadelphia tonight. 

Not only is it the Flyers' home opener, but it also marks the return of Wayne Simmonds for the first time since he was traded at the deadline last year. 

Simmonds was a fan favourite and a leader in the Flyers' locker room. 

With Simmonds back in town, some guys shared some stories about how great of a person and player Simmonds is and one amazing story comes from youngster Samuel Morin. 

“I remember my first NHL game, I got called up and two of the guys on the other team got called up, like tough guys: Luke Gazdic and Ben Thomson," Morin said. "I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to need to fight here.’ So Simmer came up to me, I’m getting fired up for the game, and he looks at me and goes, ‘You know you don’t need to fight — just play your game.’ I was like, ‘F---, thanks, bro.’ When you’re young, you want to make a good impression and stuff, and the vet comes and calms you down. Simmer was always really good with me. Great guy all around. He’s a tough guy, always gave me good advice. … It’s sad he’s not here anymore in our locker room, that’s for sure.

“He knew I worked hard and wanted to do well, so he always really respected me and I always appreciated everything. Just inviting me to Thanksgiving, stuff like that. Always been a great guy with me.”

The guy is an absolute leader and warrior!

What a game it will be tonight.