It looks like we might see a change or two before the season begins. 

Dave Isaac of the Courier Post spoke to Philadelphia Flyers general manager Ron Hextall recently and the GM mentioned there's still something he'd like to tweak. 

"I'm open to it, but it would probably be more of a lateral move on the market rather than a free agent," Hextall. "It would be a forward. We'd like to add a penalty-killing forward but to this point there's been nothing there that's made enough sense for us to move."

"If we have the same personnel, we have to be the entire year like we were the last 25 games. We can't be at the bottom of the league," Hextall said. "We saw signs at the end of the year, which is why I feel some comfort right now.

"Do I feel total comfort? No, I don't. We finished bottom three in the league and that's not good enough. Again, the players that we have, have to be better."

Are you on the same page as Hextall?

Source: Courier Post Online