Philadelphia Flyers general manager Ron Hextall has gotten the majority of his needs taken care of for this offseason.

There's still one very important issues he's got to solve and that's Robert Hagg's contract situation. 

The 23 year old defenseman is currently a restricted free agent and isn't eligible for arbitration. 

From Dave Isaac of the Courier Post:

“We’re looking at a two-year deal,” general manager Ron Hextall said. He expects a deal to be done before August. “Where Hagger’s at in his career, it seems to be a fair term. If he decides to sign his (qualifying offer of $874,125), that’s up to him.”

It's unlikely Hagg accepts that offer, he'll probably be looking for something closer to $1million a year, however if the negotiations continue to go nowhere, there's always a chance the defenseman is traded. 

Do you want to see Hagg get signed?

Source: Courier Post