The Philadelphia Flyers have just one point in their three games since the All-Star break, which is making life difficult for general manager Ron Hextall.

He will have the next three weeks to decide whether he wants to be a buyer or a seller at the February 26 trade deadline.  The next five games will go a long way into that the decision. 

As Sam Carchidi of points out, Hextall can either add a couple of veterans to help both on the offense and penalty kill and hope they make a run like the Nashville Predators did from the eighth seed last year.  Or, he can continue to build for the future by trading away veterans like Valtteri Filppula or Wayne Simmonds for more picks and prospects.

“It all depends what’s coming back,” Hextall said. “But this isn’t the time of year you think you’re going to get a bargain. I’m not overspending to try to make our team” just a little better. We do have kids who I feel can fill in if we have injuries or erratic play, so unless it was a nice upgrade at a reasonable price, I’m not going to trade a good young player at this point.”

That sure doesn’t sound like a general manager ready to go “all-in” on this season and that is probably the right call. 

Image Credit: NBC Sports Philadelphia