When the Philadelphia Flyers were able to get Kevin Hayes under contract, many believed it was a massive overpayment, well he might feel the same way. 

An interesting story is circulating thanks to NHL insider Frank Seravalli. 

Seravalli has had some insider scoops on the Flyers before, so there could be something behind it. 

While appearing on Snow the Goalie podcast, Seravalli reports that the only way Hayes was willing to sign with the Flyers was if they would overpay him. 

“I don’t understand why [the Flyers] felt the need to go out and spend a pick in order to go [trade for Hayes],” Seravalli said. “I was with a current NHL player the night before Game 7 in Boston who - five minutes before seeing me - ran into Kevin Hayes outside somewhere in downtown Boston, which is obviously his hometown.

“He goes ‘Oh yeah, I just ran into Kevin Hayes.’ He said Kevin Hayes told him the only way he’s going to the Flyers is if the Flyers overpaid to get him.”

Seravalli went on to say that the Flyers probably $600-700k over market value on Hayes.

Source: Frank Seravalli