Recent reports had new Philadelphia Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher ready to sit back for a bit to analyze his team. 

A new coach? new goalies? defensive help?

Fletcher was expected to sit back before making any drastic decisions, however that could be far from the truth. 

All eyes were on the Flyers - Blue Jackets game and scouts came from across the league to watch including scouts from  the Vancouver Canucks, New York Islanders, Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers, Chicago Blackhawks, Colorado Avalanche, Montreal Canadiens, Buffalo Sabres, Vegas Golden Knights, Florida Panthers and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Despite Fletcher saying at his opening presser that he would be patient, Dave Isaac of the Courier-Post reports it's quite the opposite and that word up top last night was Fletcher has a "itchy trigger finger" and is ready to make some moves. 

It's going to be interesting to see if Fletcher makes a big move before the holidays. 

Source: Dave Isaac