The Philadelphia Flyers continue to play .500 hockey and sit two points out of a Wild Card spot from the Boston Bruins who have 4 games in hand on the Flyers. 

Many believe that the Flyers don't really stand a chance in the playoffs or making the playoffs at all. 

In fact there's reports starting to surface that the Flyers organization is ready to go through a rebuild. 

Captain Claude Giroux is UFA this offseason and if he allows it, will likely be traded at the deadline. 

That could be the start of an exodus of veteran players from the team. 

Flyers' insider Charlie O'Connor of The Athletic explains why a full rebuild might not be as easy as it sounds.

"So if a rebuild is the goal, how to get to that point? Well, trading away established pieces is the logical direction, and it’s the one Margaret hints at with her naming of Claude Giroux. But here’s the problem with that: The market isn’t exactly chock-full of buyers at the moment. Sell-offs just don’t happen in early December, for the obvious reason that it’s much harder to create the kind of bidding war necessary for a rebuilding club to receive maximum return on their assets. That won’t happen until closer to the deadline, when urgency in the form of the looming playoffs is at its peak.

Which exposes the flaw of the “rebuild now” concept. The Flyers probably aren’t bad enough to bottom-out in 2021-22 without purposely gutting their roster. But doing so this early — while perhaps providing a benefit in terms of 2022 draft position — likely means not receiving full value back for some of their most tradable assets. That’s not a good way to start a rebuild. Thus why I’ve advocated for the Flyers to take more of a “wait and see” approach for at least the next couple months, before deciding on direction."

More than likely general manager Chuck Fletcher just lets things play out, but it's a dangerous game to play as the Flyers could finish in a playoff race that seems them finish 9th or 10th overall and miss the playoffs having sold no assets.