It's been a couple of days now and new general manager Chuck Fletcher should be starting to get comfortable behind his new desk as Flyers GM. 

There's been plenty of speculation in regards to what Fletcher's "to do" list reads. 

We've heard about getting a goalie, getting another center, firing Hakstol, hiring Quenneville, trading Simmonds and much more. 

For now, he'll likely stay quiet and analyze the team for a bit before he makes any major changes, however it might not last too long as word is the Flyers want to jump back into "win now" mode. 

The NHL's most respected insider, Bob McKenzie, spoke about Fletcher's objectives on the latest edition of "Insider Trading".

“That’s true to a certain degree, but don’t expect Chuck Fletcher to come in and start trading first-round picks or a prospect like Morgan Frost for immediate short-term help to try and get himself in the playoffs.

I think there are two things on the to-do list for Fletcher.

No. 1 is maybe finding a short-term fix in net. The goaltending hasn’t been good enough. And it could be a short-term but might even be a longer-term fix, but that is something they absolutely have to look at.

The other one would be giving Dave Hakstol, the head coach, a fair amount of time for evaluation. Fans and media wanted this guy fired before Hextall. He needs to have the opportunity now to get something done.”

What do you think of McKenzie's comments?

Source: Bob McKenzie TSN
Image Credit: Zack Hill/Philadelphia Flyers