The Philadelphia Flyers were finally turning things around and got Sean Couturier back in the lineup before they got hit with the COVID. 

An outbreak that hit a couple of people on the team shut the Flyers down and they haven't played since Sunday. 

Their next scheduled game is a week away as they'll host the New York Rangers at Wells Fargo, and assistant coach Michel Therrien appeared on TVA Sports in Montreal. 

During his appearance, he gave a bit of an idea of how crazy it's been for the Flyers the last couple of days. 

“We learned that morning that Claude Giroux had tested positive for COVID-19. As soon as we heard the news, our medical team gave each player on the team two tests. The NHL's instruction was clear: all players who tested negative were to get back on the bus and return to Philadelphia. The others were to be placed in isolation in a Washington hotel.

"This is unheard of. It is believed that Claude may have been infected during a game against the Devils. This team has also been grappling with several cases of COVID-19. ”

“It's really not easy, to be honest. We've been living in a bubble since the start of the season. I am currently home alone. My children are in Quebec and my wife is in Florida. Since September, I've only been going to the arena and coming home alone.

“The truth is, we don't know what awaits us with this virus. And that is what is the most difficult. When a player gets injured, you can tell yourself that he will come back five weeks later. With this, we do not know anything. "

Therrien also went on to mention that what made the whole thing scarier is that the group watched the Super Bowl together so it's possible other positives might show up.