From all accounts, the Philadelphia Flyers will finish off their 2019-20 season sometime this summer. 

The Flyers should have no problem making the playoffs and will likely end up playing the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs.

It'll be another chapter of many between the teams long time rivalry and one former Flyer, Marc Recchi, is currently an assistant coach for the Penguins. 

Recchi is pretty impressed by the current group of Flyers and says the Penguins are preparing to play against them. 

“We actually think if we do play, we’re going to probably end up playing them, so we’re kind of preparing like we are anyways," Recchi said.

"You know what, they really came together as a team this year — they have become a really stingy team," Recchi said. "Our first 40, 50 games, with all of our injuries, we kind of played to that same identity. ... I think [the Flyers] didn’t get off to a great start, but they really did a good job, the players did a terrific job, obviously the coaches did a great job.

"They’re tough, they’ve done a great job, their goaltending has been very good, their combination of the veteran (Brian Elliott) and the young Carter Hart. It’s good, I think their D core is very solid, Matt Niskanen was a huge pickup for them. I think he’s a terrific defenseman — good veteran that stabilizes things and he’s a really good person.”

It'll likely be another hard fought matchup between the two teams again. 

"They’re a really good team and they were stingy," Recchi said of the Flyers. "When we played them those couple of games — right before the break and then we played them not long after — they were tough games. They were playing really, really good hockey, so if we end up facing them, we know, no matter what, we’re going to be in for a dogfight. Because they were playing terrific before and it’s not going to go far away, they’re still going to come back, they obviously have the right attitude, the players do, so they’ve done a heck of a job there."

Source: NBC Sports Philly