The Philadelphia Flyers dropped another game last night and while they kept this one close, it still resulted in another loss. 

Back to back 3-2 losses for the Flyers to follow up their 6-2 loss on home ice to the Pittsburgh Penguins last Thursday. 

While things have looked a bit better, the Flyers efforts are still being questioned as they're missing key pieces from their lineup. 

Unfortunately most of those pieces wear a letter for their leadership and that lack of leadership is showing. 

Justin Braun feels there's a bit of a lack of accountability in the locker room compared to his time in San Jose. 

“(Joe Thornton) did a good job of holding guys accountable. You had guys like (Joe Pavelski) who would just go out there and get the job done,” Braun recalled. “We had that culture for a long time there when I showed up. It was, ‘we’re gonna be tough to play at home,’ you had to be ready every night or you were going to hear from the guys or the coach. The accountability there was good. I think we need to get to a point where we’re like that here.”

What do you think of Braun's comments?