It's been a crazy week in America with everything going on because of the coronavirus. 

With all the unanswered questions and quarantines we at least now know how Gritty is doing. 

Gritty wrote a letter to Flyers' fans to let everybody know how he's been doing since he's been in self quarantine. 

"My Dear Gritizens,

We have no hockey. But we have each other. Now is when I would typically embrace you with my fur, but instead I will envelop you with my words (social distancing).

How are you? I hope everyone is staying safe… but enough about you, let’s talk about me.

I know a lot of you have been asking if I’m okay and wondering what I’ve been up to. The most adorable creatures seem to be immune (dogs, small children, and possibly ME?). Regardless, I’m taking this very seriously. My paws are v clean. My home is completely wrapped in toilet paper, the virus isn’t getting in.

I’m health in its purest form. My body temperature is at the classic Gritty average of -55.6 degrees Celsius, I’ve never felt slimmer, but I still can’t seem to shake this swimmer’s ear (ongoing issue). You know what they say, when the virus goes low, we go high.

Well, the DVD box at the toilet paper store was out of options, so I’m now on my ninth watch of Osmosis Jones (2001 – Fantasy/Action). I also started watching LOST. I couldn’t find Seasons 1 or 2, so I started watching Season 3 and I can’t help but feel like I missed something important.

I’m lonely, so I’m sure you are too. We can be lonely together. Maybe being together in loneliness will make us… not lonely? I recognize that there’s a lot going on, and I rightfully assume my duty to be the orange light of hope in this COVID-19 covered world. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Next to medicine.

Peace. Love. Sanitizer. Waves.

A little bit of sunshine during these dark days.