The Philadelphia Flyers have a first round bye in the league's 24 team playoff format. 

While they might have a bye, they'll also have the opportunity to jump from 4th seed to 1st seed with some warm up games. 

That means you can expect head coach Alain Vigneualt to put together his best line up from the start. 

Likely bad news for defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere. 

Sam Carchidi was asked during a recent bag for the Philadelphia Inquirer if he saw Gostisbehere a part of the Flyers' long term plans. 

Not only does Carchidi not see Gostisbehere in the team's long term plans, he's not even sure if he'll be in the team's playoff plans. 

Carchidi says Gostisbehere will have an extremely hard time cracking the Flyers lineup during the playoffs considering how well the blueline has played and shown great chemistry without him. 

If everybody stays healthy, it could be very likely that Gostisbehere has played his last game in a Flyers' uniform. 

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Image Credit: Zack Hill