The Philadelphia Flyers were absolutely destroyed in their home opener on Tuesday night against the San Jose Sharks by the score of 8-2. 

With a score like that, fingers are usually pointed right at the goalie, however the score was far from Brian Elliott's fault as it looked like he was actually the only guy who came out to play.

Following the game, both Claude Giroux and Shayne Gostisbehere went off on the team's effort. 

"I just think we played like shit tonight," Giroux told reporters. "The score shows it. We just left our goalie to dry and (Brian Elliott) played a good game, he didn’t deserve that and it’s on us."

Gostisbehere didn't name names, but felt some teammates really didn't show up on Tuesday.

"We left him out to dry, its really ridiculous, some of us have to look in the mirror after tonight" stated Gostisbehere. 

The team will have an immediate chance for a bounce back effort as they play the Senators in Ottawa on Wednesday night. 

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