While the Philadelphia Flyers have all kinds of question marks regarding their upcoming offseason, it's something that happened off the ice creating the most noise. 

Just a couple of weeks ago the Flyers decided to remove Kate Smith's bronze statue from outside Xfinity Live! and stop playing her during games. The Flyers decision came after some problematic songs from the 1930's popped up.

"Lyrics and sentiments that are incompatible with the values of our organization and provoke painful and unacceptable themes.” club president Paul Holmgren said in a statement. "We cannot stand idle while material from another era gets in the way of who we are today,” 

A large portion of Flyers' fans have been unhappy about the decision and former Flyers vice president Lou Scheinfeld recently commented on the situation. 

“I’m very sad and disappointed. I think the whole thing could have been handled differently,” said Scheinfeld, who decided to use Smith’s “God Bless America” recording before a 1969 game at the Spectrum. “But at this point, they had no choice. It was obvious they couldn’t leave it covered up and they couldn’t uncover it.”

Scheinfeld adds that if Ed Snider were still alive, things would have been handled differently. 

“He had a lot of courage, and I think he would have taken some time to think about it and talk to his people about it and get a feel from the fans,” Scheinfeld said. “This thing happened 80 years ago, and it’s even questionable about whether it’s satire or not. Paul Robeson, the great black singer, sang it, so there’s a lot of extenuating circumstances. I don’t think there was any time given for an intelligent discourse.”

What do you think about Scheinfeld's comments?

Source: Philly.com