Despite the Flyers fighting tooth and nail to get into the playoffs for the second season in a row, the team is jacking up prices next year. 

Season ticket holders first found out through a letter sent out this week, only 2400 of the 19600 seats won't see increases.

According to the Flyers, about 10000 seats will have an increase of around $3 or less per game. 

While other seats will see a huge increase with 641 tickets in the lower bowl getting a price bump raising some to $240 per game. Those fans though will have unlimited food, wine and beer included for the game. 

All this will likely help pay for the Center City Club. 

However most fans are upset and one who's had tickets for 50 years spoke to about the increase.

“We’re absolutely devastated,” he said of the price increase, which will hike each ticket from $142 to $240. “These are the tickets my maternal grandparents had and passed down in the family. We go to watch the hockey games and don’t need all these amenities on a silver platter.”

It's hard to see such a price increase justified. 

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