The 2019-20 NHL season is just around the corner and the Phildelphia Flyers have two top tier RFA's unsigned. 

General manager Chuck Fletcher has yet to get deals done with forward Travis Konecny and defenseman Ivan Provorov. 

We've heard one report that the Flyers are close to a deal with Konecny for $4.5million a season, while we've also heard another crazy report that claims Provorov is looking for $10million a season

Chuck Fletcher was asked about the situation.

“We’ll keep working at it,” Fletcher said of the negotiations. “They’re good young players and we expect to have them signed and ready to go as soon as we can. … Right now, the landscape league-wide is murky, and I think things will start to clear up in the next few weeks. At this point, I’m not concerned. This has been the trend the last few years.”

He's not worried as it reflects the same situation going on around the league with other RFA's.

“You look around the league and it seems to be a common theme with a lot of RFAs,” Fletcher said Monday. “There just seems to be dialogue, but not a lot of deals getting done. I think as we get closer to camp, obviously the urgency on both sides will pick up.”

Philly currently has $13million in salary cap space. 

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer