One of the areas the Philadelphia Flyers needed to address this summer was the backup goalie situation. 

The Flyers goalie situation has been a revolving door over the last couple of years topped with constant injuries to almost everybody involved. 

With Carter Hart the clear front runner as the starting goalie of now and the future, the Flyers need to make a good decision in regards to a backup. 

Many believed the team would push to sign Cam Talbot who kind of plays the role of a mentor to Hart during the offseason. 

However Talbot has made it pretty clear that he wants lots of game action, something the Flyers couldn't guarantee they could provide. 

So when all was said and done, the Flyers decided to go with a familiar face instead of jumping into the free agent frenzy. Brian Elliott and his injury history will backup Hart and general manager Chuck Fletcher isn't worried about that history at all. 

“Everything’s kind of tied together (the 40 games missed this season and the surgery in February and April 2018), but all I can tell you is coming out of it he feels much better,” Fletcher said. “He had indicated to me that there’s about a year, year and a half there where he didn’t feel great and he pushed through and he played hard and helped our club get into the playoffs a couple seasons ago before I was here. Now I think he feels very good and he takes care of himself and he’s a high-end competitor and he’s a good teammate. I think for us, it made a lot of sense.”

Source: Courier Post