It's been a couple of months of wait and see to see what exactly would happen to popular Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds. 

It finally happened and Simmonds was traded to Nashville for forward Ryan Hartman and a conditional 4th round pick. 

The majority of fans were pretty underwhelmed with what Fletcher got for Simmonds and he explained the trade to the media later on Monday afternoon. 

"He's a true Flyer. A heart and soul guy...He left everything on the ice. Our players understood the situation. Wayne understood the situation. There was a distinct possibility that he would be moving on. That's why you saw the reaction on Saturday night."

There was no plan on signing him. 

"If we weren't prepared to sign him right now, it was important for us to get something back."

For Fletcher, Hartman is a great return. 

"He's a young man who has moved around the lineup. He'll be a right winger here most likely...A couple years ago he had 19 goals and didn't even average 13 minutes a game. Hartman is a player who can come in and help us right now...The goal wasn't just to get picks and prospects. We wanted to get a player who can come in and contribute.We we're looking for a player who can come in and play. Not every player and prospect can play. We already have 10 picks for next year."