Philadelphia Flyers head coach Dave Hakstol isn't exactly a fan favourite. 

While fans have their various reasons for not liking him, there's a consensus that he needs to try and raise his voice every once in awhile. 

Never shouts at players, never shouts at refs, sometimes people wonder if he has a pulse.

Despite all that, the Flyers have a winning record since Hakstol took over and he won't change his style any time soon. 

“There was some wasted emotion, some misdirected emotion. I thought that’s one thing we needed to work at correcting early on. I’m pretty guarded by nature. I know when the TV camera is on me. … I’m going to do what I think is right for our team and provide what our team needs, and it’ll never be for show in front of a camera or anybody else.”

What do you think of Hakstol's comments?