Former Philadelphia Flyers' forward Dale Weise didn't exactly tear it up during his time in Philly but he spent enough time here to see how things work behind the scenes. 

He's mostly known for his time with the Montreal Canadiens and with the Canadiens currently struggling, the Montreal media have been really going off on the team. 

Captain Shea Weber has been made one of the main targets for criticism and Weise came to his defense. 

While speaking about how much of an impact Weber has behind the scenes, he touched on some things regarding his time in Philly where he mentioned there was basically no locker room leadership or accountability. 

"Weber holds players accountable. 

You think you're gonna come in and tell this guy 'I need my cookies I need my points', that will never happen in Shea Weber's locker room and that kind of stuff can tear a locker room apart. 

You know I talked about Philly's culture and Philly's locker room and that was something I saw very apparent there, there was zero accountability, it wasn't coming from the coaching staff, it wasn't coming from the leadership group it was basically a free for all. 

If Shea Weber's in that locker room it wouldn't happen, it would get nipped in the butt right away."

What do you think of Weise's comments?

Check out the full segment below: