Philadelphia Flyers new general manager Chuck Fletcher has his first offseason ahead of him and it's expected to be huge. 

There's lots of expectations regarding the roster overhaul and improvement that Fletcher will make this summer and he could go for some big headlines. 

According to Anthony Di Marco of the Fourth Period, one move might be a blockbuster.

Di Marco mentions that it's feasible Fletcher goes after Nashville Predators defenseman PK Subban. 

Subban has been engulfed in trade rumors going back to last season because the Predators will be in a tight spot regarding their salary cap and Subban makes $9million a season. 

The cost might not be one all Flyers' fans will be willing to accept though, Di Marco mentions Shayne Gostisbehere heading the other way with his $4.5million cap hit. 

The Flyers will have over $30million in cap space this summer to make significant moves. 

Would you like to Subban in a Flyers' uniform?

Source: The Fourth Period