Of course one of the biggest subjects in Philly is the Ivan Provorov and Travis Konecny negotiations or lack thereof. 

This could be the most important contract in both their careers so it's understandable that the duo and their camps want to get it done properly and they're even willing to miss training camp. 

Miss training camp is not something NHL star Connor McDavid would ever do. 

While speaking to the media at Bio Steel Camp, McDavid was asked about the RFA situation across the league and took a bit of a shot at the RFA's who look like they might miss training camp. 

Luke Fox of Sportsnet who was in attendance reports that McDavid stated he would never consider a contract holdout or bridge deal. 

"Connor McDavid says he never considered a bridge deal or pushing his signing this late when he was RFA. He’d hate to risk missing a training camp."

Not only could this be interpreted as a shot at Provorov and Konecny, but every single RFA who's signed a bridge deal. 

What do you think of McDavid's comments?

Source: Luke Fox Sportsnet