Chris Pronger will always have a special place in the hearts of the Philadelphia Flyers fans for being a huge part of the magical 2010 postseason run that ended two wins shy of the Stanley Cup. 

While Pronger’s playing days are long since over, he has still be very active within the NHL.  He is now working as a senior adviser to Florida Panthers general manager Dale Tallon after spending some time working of the Department of Player Safety, but as he recently told Dave Isaac of the Courier-Post, he has bigger aspirations.

Pronger admitted that he would like to be a general manager one day, but is not sure when that might happen.  Isaac followed up by asking what kind of general manager he would be.

“I don’t know. I’d have to see what team, what I had,” replied Pronger. “I think you have to evaluate what you have, which is kind of what I’ve been doing here the first little while is seeing what our team has, seeing the holes that we have to fill. Then it’s a matter of looking around the league to see if there are any good fits and how you can acquire them. You’ve got to be patient when you’re building through the draft. They’ve got a number of quality players here through the draft. It just takes time and it’s a matter of being patient with your draft picks you selected, especially the high-end ones. Not every player is going to be Sasha (Aleksander) Barkov, but you’re going to get serviceable players that can play on your team and perform various roles that every team needs. You’ve got to get them and develop them first. It takes time.”

Do you think Chris Pronger has what it takes to be a successful NHL general manager?

Source: Courier-Post
Image Credit: USA Today