While former Philadelphia Flyers' general manager Ron Hextall now works for the enemy, Pittsburgh Penguins, he's a hot topic today in Philly. 

Flyers legend Bobby Clarke appeared on the Cam & Strick Podcast and absolutely sounded off on Hextall. 

His main problem was how he handled a couple of drafts and Clarke didn't hold back. 

"(Hextall) made some huge mistakes. ... He made himself bigger than the team. That is something I would never ever have thought of with Hexy, because he was such a team player,"

The 2017 draft headlines the list. 

"We get the second pick in the draft, we end up drafting Nolan Patrick," Clarke said. "None of our scouts wanted Nolan Patrick. ... They wanted (Cale) Makar. ... Hextall made that choice himself."

2018 didn't go much better according to Clarke. 

"That was just as bad. ... I sat at the table three seats away from him when he traded Schenn," Clarke said. "Didn't have a clue."

"When (former team president) Paul Holmgren hired him, I thought it was the best decision that he could have made," Clarke said. "When Hexy came in - we remain friends, but he alienated everybody right away. He shut his door, he locked the doors. He was the boss, and nobody else was part of it."

Ouch, what do you think of Clarke's comments?