The Philadelphia Flyers have really got a head start on offseason drama. 

Philly traded for the negotiation rights of pending free agent Kevin Hayes and there's been various reports about the possibility of working out a deal since. 

Out the gate one report had Hayes ready to sign almost immediately. 

However the lack of a contract has proved otherwise and the Flyers had Hayes in town this week to try and convince him Philly was the right place to be. 

Well those meeting have wrapped up and it doesn't seem like it'll change Hayes' intention of testing the free agent market. 

According to Frank Seravalli of TSN, while Hayes was impressed of what Philly had to say, the Flyers aren't #1 on his list and he's looking to test free agency. Seravalli adds that the Columbus Blue Jackets and Arizona Coyotes are likely his top choices. 

Source: Frank Seravalli Twitter