The Philadelphia Flyers finally found their guy earlier this week when they hired Alain Vigneault as their new head coach. 

General manager Chuck Fletcher took the opportunity to introduce Vigneault to the media. 

Vigneault opened up with a big statement which makes it clear the Flyers have no plans to rebuild but instead are looking to win right now. 

"I will do everything that I have to do to make this team win."

“I need one more thing on my bucket win a Stanley Cup. I’ve come close twice.”

Vigneault was also asked about the reported lack of leadership in the Flyers locker room especially with Wayne Simmonds gone. 

"You're never too old to learn something. Never too old to develop. When a player can take advice from a coach and he can influence 2-3 other guys, and they influence 2-3 other guys...That is the most powerful form of leadership."

Vigneault was also asked about his reported problems with refusing to play younger players while in New York. 

"I firmly believe that talent has no age. If a guy is 19 and can step in and help the Flyers win, he's going to play."