There was a shocking development at Philadelphia Flyers practice yesterday...

Nolan Patrick was out skating with the full team, in full gear and taking part in practice, something we hadn't seen in what feels like forever. 

With all the hope that sight gave us yesterday, unfortunately it might mean nothing. 

While head coach Alain Vigneault didn't qualify it as an official diagnosis, the coach doesn't believe Patrick will play this year. 

“My expectations are that Nolan is not coming back this season. In my mind, he hasn’t been here since the beginning of the year, and I’m moving forward. I work with the guys that are here,”

This is just my thinking," he said. “He hasn’t been here since Day 1, so I’m going in this as if he’s not here, and if it ever changes, someone will let me know. But for now, he’s not available and I work with the guys that are available.”

Not exactly what we were hoping to hear.