Like a bunch of teams across the NHL, the Philadelphia Flyers have a couple of restricted free agents who remain unsigned. 

Key pieces to the youth movement, Travis Konecny and Ivan Provorov, sit without a contract and training camp is just around the corner. 

Without a doubt, they're two pieces that Vigneualt is hoping to have to start the season but it might not happen. 

Dave Isaac caught up with Vigneault during the rookie tournament and the new Flyers head coach confirmed he has spoken with them. Vigneault said he's only spoken hockey to them and won't get in the middle of any contract negotiations. 

“Hopefully they’re here when it starts. We still have a couple more days to sort this out so hopefully they’re here and we’re gonna make this work. I’m saying how much I would like them to be here, but I’m putting myself in their shoes. I’m sure they want to be here too.”

Training camp gets underway on September 13. 

Source: Dave Isaac