We don't know when the 2020-21 season will be starting but now we've got an idea of what the Philadelphia Flyers could be wearing. 

The NHL will be introducing some "reverse retro" jersey's next season and the first leak is the Flyers. 

The very reputable Icethetics blog got a hold of the jerseys and posted some pictures online. 

Here's some info from Icethetics about the new concept:

"So what are we seeing exactly? These are not new home or road sweaters. And as far as I know, they aren’t new third jerseys either. Since early this year, Icethetics sources and others have been reporting on a new series of sweaters coming to the NHL.

This “fourth jersey” program has been described to Icethetics as “throwbacks with a twist”—as Icethetics reported in JerseyWatch 2020. I’ve been told they will be part of a line called the Reverse Retro series. And these new designs fit that bill."

Source: Icethetics