May 15, 2017
Greg Boysen

Scott Hartnell and Claude Giroux spent six years as Philadelphia Flyers teammates before Hartnell was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2014.

They are apparently still good buddies, as TSN’s Bar Down pointed out, Hartnell recently challenged the Flyers team captain to a rather unique competition.

Hartnell took to his Twitter account to challenge Giroux to something you would only do with one of your best friends.

Here is the “sport” Hartnell wants to see who is better at…….yes a literal pissing contest.

I'd take the challenge.

— Men's Humor (@MensHumor) May 13, 2017

Giroux has not responded to the challenge and, honestly, is anyone that interested in finding out who would win anyways?

Source: TSN Bar Down
Image Credit: Getty Images