March 20, 2017
Greg Boysen

The Philadelphia Flyers are likely to miss the Stanley Cup playoffs this spring unless they go on a miraculous run to close out the season.  A major factor in the Flyers being on the outside looking in has been the low offensive output of captain Claude Giroux.

Giroux is in danger of scoring a career low in goals for an 82-game season which was 16 back in 2009-10.  He currently has 14 goals on the season.  Not counting the lockout shortened season of 2013, Giroux has scored at least 67 points every year since 2010-11, but he will fall short this season with just 51 points and only 11 games left to play.

Last May, Giroux had surgery to repair his right hip as well as an abdominal tear and he may have never fully recovered from that procedure.

"When you try to make plays you used to make and can't really make them, it is frustrating and confusing," Giroux said, per Marc Narducci of "When you start getting the confidence back, you know you can make those plays you just go out there and make it happen.

"I think when you don't think about that kind of stuff, you go out and play the game, but when it is in the back of your mind and you are really not thinking about the game and mostly thinking about your hip or whatever, I think it is important to kind of focus on the right things. Even if you don't feel good out there, you have to find the right way to be strong mentally." 

Image Credit: Getty Images